50 TOP Crave-able Plant-Based Recipes


Eating plant-based has never been this delicious! Thanks to this collection of 50 top crave-able plant-based, vegan recipes in all categories, including appetizers, salads, breads, entrees, and desserts. We’ve got everything from BBQ cauliflower bites to orange cardamom rolls to biscuit pot pie—and much, much more—on the menu here at The Plant-Powered Dietitian. I asked some of the top bloggers out there to share their most crave-worth plant-based recipes, and boy, did they deliver.

Remember, plant-based eating can be even more flavorful and delicious than the Standard American Diet (SAD), if you get a little creative in the kitchen.

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50 TOP Crave-able Plant-Based Recipes

Appetizers, Dips

Baked Barbecue Cauliflower Bites, Nicole Stevens, MSc, RD, Lettuce Veg Out

Baked Rutabaga Fries, Rachel Kilian-Hanawalt, Simple Seasonal (shown above)
Buffalo Chicken Dip, Linda Meyer, Veganosity
Jackfruit Enchilada Dip, Steven Seighman, The Nut Free Vegan

Potato Skins with Tempeh Bacon and Cashew Sour Cream, Allison Christine, Upbeet Kitchen (shown above)
Spicy Pistachio Cheese Ball, Jessica Bailey, Any Reason Vegan
Sriracha Sweet Potato Hummus, Elizabeth Moye, Hello Spoonful


Carrot Ginger Miso Soup, Anita Jacobson, V for Veggy

French Onion Soup, Nicole Malik, Delicious Everyday (shown above)
Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Cadry Nelson, Cadry’s Kitchen
Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Briggitte Jeanette Dix, Vegan Guide to the Galaxy

Thai Red Curry Coconut Soup with Rice Noodles, Caitlin Self, Frugal Nutrition (shown above)

Vegetable Dumpling Soup, Karen Gibson, Soup Addict (shown above)


Israeli Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette and Roasted Nuts, Rebecca Blackwell, A little and A lot
Kale Quinoa Salad with Lemon Ginger Dressing, Lisa Cicciarello Andrews, MEd, RD, LD, Sound Bites Nutrition

Pomegranate Salad, Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, LD, Street Smart Nutrition (shown above)
Spicy Ripe Papaya Salad, Johanne Rosenthal, Sunnyside Hanne
Tempeh and Pomelo Salad with Avocado, Valerie Zemba, Very Vegan Val


Baked Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, Mary Ellen Valverde, V Nutrition and Wellness

Biscuit Pot Pie, Valerie Esther Libutti, Vegan Travel Eats (shown above)
Black Bean and Pumpkin Enchiladas, Cindy Newland, Intentionally Eat
Caramelized Onion & Spinach Pizza Buns, Megan Ann, Short Girl Tall Order
Cheesy Potato Casserole, Elizabeth Shah, Healthy Midwestern Girl
Creamy Garlic Mushroom Fettuccini, Elaine Gordon, Eating By Elaine

Easy Vegetable Chow Mein, Tricia Bozeman, Rhubarbarians (shown above)
Eggplant Meatballs with Tempeh in Tomato Sauce, Katie Sullivan Morford, MS, RD, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook
General Tso Tofu, Shannon Hakala, Instant Veg
Lentil and Cauliflower Tacos, Lisa Sokolowski, Drug Store Divas
Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos, Kara Lydon, RD

Lobster Roll, Katherine Hackworthy, Veggie Desserts (shown above)

Rainbow Lasagna, Anthea Cheng, Rainbow Nourishments (shown above)
Stuffed Shells with Spinach and Cashew-Almond Ricotta, Alina Zavatsky, Vegan Runner Eats
Thai Pumpkin Peanut Curry, Prajakta Sukhatme, Profusion Curry
Walnut Lentil Burgers, Dianne Wenz, Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

White Pizza with Pear & Balsamic Shallots, My Goodness Kitchen (shown above)

Baked Goods, Breads

Coconut Cherry Dark Chocolate Waffles, Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian (shown above)
French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches, Valerie Esther Libutti, Vegan Travel Eats
Giant Blueberry Pancake, Melanie McDonald, A Virtual Vegan

Orange Cardamom Buns, Tatia Ven, My Vegan Minimalist (shown above)

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, Megan Ann, Short Girl Tall Order (shown above)


Baked Apple Cider Donuts, Jennifer Thurman Sebestyen, Veggie Inspired (shown above)

Brownie Batter Dark Chocolate Hummus, Kelsey Lorencz, RD, Simply Nourished Home (shown ab0ve)
Carrot Walnut Cake, Megan Ann, Short Girl Tall Order
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies, Colleen Christensen, RD

Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Laura Sandford, Joy Food Sunshine (shown above)
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chloe Xmillerx, Baked by Clo
Frozen Banana Ice Cream, Pamela Reed, Brooklyn Farm Girl

Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Alena Schowalter, Nutriciously (shown above)
Strawberry Cupcakes, Shannon Hakala, Instant Veg
Sweet Potato Cookie Dough, Sarah Schlichter, MS, RD, Bucket List Tummy

For more crave-worthy plant-based recipes, try some of my favorites:

Six Layer Vegan Magic Bars
Rainbow Veggie Pizza on Cornmeal Crust
Cauliflower Spinach Lasagna

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